Our People

Born and Brewed in Oregon
We are proud of our “Born & Brewed” team of specialists who support and operate Oregon Natural Meats, since they represent the heart of the Locavore concept. We are pleased to introduce to you:

Stephen Neel, Ph.D.
Managing Partner & CEO
Office: 541-686-3558
Cell: 541-913-6508
Lisa Neel
Office Manager & Bookkeeper
Office: 541-686-3558
Cell: 541-913-6545
Zac Neel
Assistant General Manager
Cell: 541-285-6036
Mark Meyer
Live Animal Supply Chain Manager
Cell: 541-520-4591

The Neel Family


Stephen Neel, Ph.D. : Stephen was born and raised in Eugene, graduating from South Eugene High School and Oregon State University.  Nicknamed “Dr. Meat”, he holds a doctorate degree in Meat Science and Muscle Biology and has
worked in the meat industry for over 30 years in the areas of production, training, research, quality control, food safety, marketing and promotions. In addition to Stephen’s focus on meat production, he is a local cattle rancher in the Willamette Valley, raising Black Angus crossbred cattle.  Lisa, Stephen’s wife of 27 years, is the daughter of an Idaho farmer.  She is responsible for holding the family together and manages the books and finances for Oregon Natural Meats.  Stephen & Lisa’s two sons, Jake and Zac, have both worked to support the family business by managing orders, customer service and local deliveries to customers. Jake recently graduated with a degree in Human Physiology from the University of Oregon and lives in Portland; Zac is currently a junior in the School of Journalism at the University of Oregon.

Stephen is the managing partner of Oregon Natural Meats, with primary responsibility for coordinating the processing, marketing and business operations of the company.


The Meyer Family


Mark Meyer – Mark is an Oregon native, growing up in Medford. He is best classified as a new-generation cattleman with an “old school” work ethic. Mark graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Animal Science Beef Production with a minor in Rangeland Resources.  While at OSU, he managed Soap Creek Ranch, OSU’s cattle ranch.  After college, Mark spent time in Eastern Oregon working on ranches before relocating to Pleasant Hill in 1997. He went to work managing a registered Red Angus herd and founded Meyer Livestock Company in 2000. Meyer Livestock Company has now grown to include a cow/calf operation, yearling cattle, cattle finishing, and cattle services for other ranches.  Mark was selected as recipient of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association “Oregon’s Young Cattlemen” Award in 2006, allowing Mark to travel with a distinguished group of young cattlemen on a national tour.

Mark’s is responsible for the live animal supply chain for Oregon Natural Meats, which includes locating and selecting suitable cattle using his trained eye and industry contacts, and then properly finishing the cattle for the high-end ONM programs.

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