Enjoy High-Quality Beef while Reducing your Carbon “Hoof Print”

Oregon Natural Meats (ONM) is a local, vertically-integrated, family-owned and operated meat company producing and selling natural meat products. We focus our sales and marketing emphasis on Oregon animals, local feeding systems, local suppliers and local customers, all in an effort to support the growing “Locavore” movement.

Only pasture raised and source-verified beef cattle are selected for the ONM program, and are then fed a high-quality, 100% vegetarian diet consisting of “Upcycled” brewer’s grain from Ninkasi Brewing Company and/or “Upcycled” grass pellets from the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  Our cattle are carefully processed at a small local USDA federally inspected facility near Eugene, Oregon.  The carcasses are dry-aged before selected parts are further processed.  Premium wholesale cuts are further aged, both dry and in the bag, under stringent temperature and sanitary controls, before being distributed to customers.  This closely controlled processing and dual-aging system results in locally produced meat products with premium safety, quality, consistency and workmanship.

Oregon Natural Meats strives to be the preferred supplier of high-quality meat to local customers who desire food products that are all natural and produced close to home, using sustainable agricultural practices.  Our integrated network of raising, finishing and processing cattle and natural meat occurs within 100 miles of our homestead ranch in Eugene, Oregon.

Are you a Locavore?  A Locavore (n) is a person who attempts to buy and eat only foods grown, produced and processed close to their home.  Animals in the Oregon Natural Meats program are born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and then finished and processed using small, family-owned and operated companies.  We are committed to providing natural, restaurant-quality meat with minimal processing, no added hormones or antibiotics, and using sustainable, cruelty-free and humane handling systems.

Buying local reduces the carbon “Hoof Print” associated with long distance trucking of grain and animals, as well as the costly transport of meat products from outside of the area.

Our unique approach to cattle selection, management, feeding, processing, marketing and sales is a perfect fit for the Pacific Northwest Locavore looking for an excellent product from local suppliers.

We invite you to tour our web site, send us an email, find us on social media, or give us a call to learn more about our unique angle on local, integrated, natural, sustainable and humane animal production systems…all within a short distance from your home. 

Questions about meat?  Ask us on twitter at ORNaturalMeats #AskDrMeat



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