Our Story

We have a great story to tell…one that may compel you to give products from Oregon Natural Meats a try.  The story has many parts, beginning with our mission statement.

Our Mission Statement
Our Mission is to supply Locavores with high-quality natural meat products for restaurant, retail and consumer use, using sustainable farming practices, local supply sources and upcycled feedstuffs.  We create customer satisfaction through providing superior natural products and after-the-sale services to our customers.


Our Core Concepts & Business Principles

Copper Windmill Ranch, Eugene, Oregon

Buy Local - Our entire business model is built around local animals, local people, local suppliers, local partners and local customers.  Our business-support services, including banking, legal, web hosting, graphic design, printing and marketing are all from local companies.  We source our animals from our own ranch just south of Eugene, as well as from other farms and ranches in Oregon.

Cattle are pasture raised and then finished using a combination of local pastures, upcycled grain from Ninkasi Brewing Company  and/or upcycled grass pellets from the Willamette Valley.  Cattle are carefully processed into meat at a local family-owned and operated USDA-federally inspected facility near Eugene, Oregon.  If you are a Locavore, we are the natural source for your natural meat.

Eat Natural – Natural has come to mean many things to consumers. For us, Natural represents an integrated production methodology involving selecting Oregon animals that have been pasture raised throug

h weaning; free of added hormones; without the use of sub-therapeutic or therapeutic antibiotics; and minimally processed. Our animals are raised under humane conditions, fed a 100% vegetarian diet, and properly cared for by local farmers and ranchers who fit our program concepts and business principles. Natural does NOT, however, have to be synonymous with low quality. Our Natural meat products are high quality with superior workmanship, finish and flavor.

Support Sustainable Agriculture Systems – Producing high quality meat while reducing our carbon “Hoof Print” is a primary goal of Oregon Natural Meats. We accomplish this through several innovative practices, including:

  • Upcycling of locally produced brewer’s grain. We upcycle over 11 million pounds of spent brewer’s grain from per year from Ninkasi Brewing Company in Eugene, Oregon. The waste  grain, which is normally destined for landfills, is upcycled into high-quality cattle feed, resulting in high quality meat.
  • Upcycling of locally produced grass pellets.  Grass seed production in the Willamette Valley of Oregon is second to none, but generates a vast quantity of waste material (stems, stalks, chaff, leaves, etc.) that can be upcycled into a concentrated source of fiber and protein.  We use this all-grass pellet as a supplemental source of protein for our cattle.
  • Conservation and preservation of natural resources. Our animal raising and finishing systems focus on upcycling and reusing natural resources that would otherwise be destined for the commercial landfill. Small-scale localized production and close management of feedstuffs and inputs reduces the waste commonly associated with commercial animal feeding systems.
  • Integrated value-based supply chains. Oregon Natural Meats and its suppliers are independent entities, yet contractually linked to support each other. We do not have a broad network of suppliers or support services, but rather support a concentrated network of small-family businesses.

Family-Owned Small Business – We are an Oregon-based family-owned small business, and we select family-owned businesses as our suppliers and partners whenever possible.

Source Verified – All of our animals and meat products are source verified as born and raised in Oregon, as supported by producer and feeder affidavits.

Provide Service after the Sale – We understand that many of our customers do not have the technical skills to further process or cut meat items for retail and foodservice use. As a result, we offer training and support to those who need additional assistance with proper merchandising and cutting for customer use. We also have tools available to help determine portion costs, yields and cutability of wholesale items, which we make available to customers.

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